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Systemic Supervision & Coaching
Intercultural Team Development & Conflict Management


What brought you to my site?

  • Your desire for professional or personal change?
  • Was it numerous minor conflicts in your environment or already escalated conflicts?
  • Would you like support in your executive role as you institute new policies or implement new strategies during a process of change?
  • Or would you like to transform your personnel into a highly effective team, which supports your leadership by implementing team development techniques?

“Believing that change is possible and wishing to institute change are the two big first steps.”

Virginia Satir

Leadership & Team Development
for Corporations, Medical Clinics & Doctor’s Offices

Kostadinowa Consulting in BerlinSuccessful coaching, supervision, team development and conflict management depend on the person YOU select for these critical tasks. I therefore invite you to become acquainted with me on these pages as a prelude to contacting me for a one-on-one, non-binding exchange. Then, if you conclude that I can be of assistance, we can easily decide to initiate an effective collaboration.

I see myself as a helpful partner during processes of change and a neutral mediator in conflict situations – especially in relation to the challenges faced within intercultural teams. Based on my two-decades-long experience of working with diverse professionals from all over the world, I am convinced that solutions are ALWAYS available for discovery without spending too much time on a content-related analysis of the problem. Furthermore my inner conviction is that you can solve all your problems by yourself. But maybe it is difficult for you to find access to important resources at the moment.

Especially during times of major change or when new challenges emerge simultaneously – as for example, working with a new team, taking on new tasks, dealing with intercultural differences or with already escalated conflicts – it is often wise to pull in a neutral party. This usually saves time, energy and money.   

Regardless of whether you are looking for the right partner in the context of a company, a doctor’s office or a medical clinic, feel free to contact me. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. I can be reached via this contact form or under the following phone number 0179 768 21 60.

Online- & Telefoncoaching