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I like to give structure and support in troubled times, ask questions that you may not have asked yourself, accompany you with humour, patience and the experience of two decades of working with people from all continents of the world. First for many years as a simultaneous interpreter at international conferences and then as an executive coach, trainer, systemic supervisor, intercultural team developer and conflict moderator. My perspective has been sharpened through studies in Germany and the USA as well as numerous further training courses in the field of consulting with professors, doctors, scientists, supervisors, coaches and therapists. I regularly expand my knowledge with exciting and even more experienced lecturers. My enthusiasm and my learning experiences of new tools, techniques and insights flow continuously into my daily work.

Expert for intercultural teams

Through the many years in an international context both as an interpreter and as a coach, trainer and moderator of workshops, team development/team building or conflict discussions in various international corporations, I have become an expert for intercultural teams.

In me you have a vivacious and vigilant person at your side who will accompany you across cultural borders with humour, a keen eye and sensitive antennae.

“The biggest decision of your life is that you can change your life by changing your mindset.”

Albert Schweitzer

Interview on the subject of intercultural competence

Swetlana Kostadinowa-Rohde
Certified interpreter, systemic coach, intercultural trainer and mediator, member of the Berlin-Brandenburg state association

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Swetlana Kostadinowa-Rohde - short profile

Work experience

In the consulting area throughout Europe for international corporations, family businesses, organizations and medical institutions:

  • executive coach
  • systemic supervisor
  • conflict moderator/mediator
  • intercultural trainer
  • team developer (team building)
As a management coach & health coach for the topics:
  • leadership
  • self-confident appearance
  • motivation
  • conflict management
  • change processes
  • career jumps
  • interviewing
  • re-entry
  • reorientation
  • independence
  • time and stress management
  • burnout
  • work-life balance
  • resilience
As a supervisor, conflict moderator, mediator for conflicts in the workplace, among others:
  • role conflicts
  • hierarchy conflicts
  • value conflicts
  • intercultural conflicts
  • factual conflicts
  • relationship conflicts
As a conflict moderator/mediator in a private context:
  • couple/relationship conflicts
  • separation/divorce
  • international child abduction conflicts
  • inheritance conflicts
Key topics as a trainer include:
  • intercultural competence
  • self-confident appearance
  • body language and voice
  • conversation and negotiation skills
  • feedback culture
  • communication
  • conflict moderation
As a simultaneous interpreter at international conferences, especially for:
  • medicine/surgery
  • medical technology and medical products
  • psychology
  • pharmacy
  • environment
  • renewable energy
  • marketing
  • market research
  • politics
  • business
  • human trafficking
  • Mother tongue German
  • English, French, Bulgarian
  • Qualified interpreter for English and French – Humboldt University in Berlin
  • Supplementary studies in economics for non-economists – Technical University in Berlin
  • Sociology and English – Savannah Tech College in Georgia/USA
  • Basic studies in Bulgarian – Free University in Berlin
Further education:
  • Systemic structural constellations according to SySt (SySt® Institute, Dipl. psych Insa Sparrer & Prof. Dr. Matthias Varga from Kibéd GbR, Institute for systemic education, training and research, Munich) at the University of Potsdam, Dr. Andrea Berreth
  • Systemic structural constellations – SySt® Institute, Dipl. psych Insa Sparrer & Prof. Dr. Matthias Varga from Kibéd GbR, Institute for systemic education, training and research, Munich
  • Systemic structural constellations – BIF Berlin Institute for Family Therapy · Systemic Therapy · Supervision · Counseling and Further Education e. V., Josie Wieland and Dr. Andrea Berreth
  • Supervisor – IST – Private Institute for Systemic Therapy GmbH in Berlin, Peter Ebel, Hansjörg Stahl and Heike Kramann
  • Hypnosystemic Coach and Organizational Consultant – Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg, Dr. med. graduate rer.-pol. Gunther Schmidt
  • Systemic Coach – ISCO AG in Berlin, Gabriele Müller
  • Mediator – mediation and training in Berlin, lawyer and notary Jutta Hohmann
  • Intercultural trainer – artop institute at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Prof. Jürgen Henze and Dr. Thomas Bachman
  • Train the trainer for intercultural competence – Bavarian VHS Association in Berlin, Prof. Dr. Juliana Roth
  • Accredited INSIGHTS MDI Consultant – Institute for Management Consulting and Diagnostics – Scheelen AG
  • Burnout consultant – Paracelsus alternative practitioner schools Berlin
  • Stress management trainer – AHAB Academy in Berlin
  • Course leader for progressive muscle relaxation – AHAB Academy in Berlin
  • Intercultural language coach – IKUD seminars in Göttingen
  • Business correspondent for English and French – Academy for Foreign Languages in Berlin
Supervision among others:
  • Nandana Nielsen
  • Prof. Matthias Varga von Kibéd and Insa Sparrer
  • Dr. Dr. medical graduate rer.-pol. Gunther Schmidt
  • Dr. Wolfgang Looss
  • Dr. Maria Bosch
  • Professor Juergen Henze
  • Hansjoerg Stahl
  • Heike Kraman
  • Peter Ebel
  • Gabriele Mueller
  • Jutta Lack-Strecker
  • Lawyer Jutta Hohmann
  • Irina Schlicht
  • Systemic Society e. V. – systemische-gesellschaft.de
  • MiKK eV, mediation in international conflicts between children – mikk-ev.de
  • Federal Association of Mediation e. V. – bmev.de
  • Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators e. V. – bdue.de

My attitude

I work a lot with executives and board members from business companies, also with teams in general, but of course also the individual employee or with couples. And whether I’m working with a couple, someone from a corporation, a doctor’s office, daycare center, women’s shelter, IT company, large publishing house, museum or hospital – the interpersonal issues are always similar and very familiar to me due to my many years of professional experience. I support you with my wealth of experience and am convinced that you as an individual, couple or team carry the solutions for your issues within yourself and that I merely support you in reactivating the resources to live again the potential that seems desirable for you personally. My most important values in working with you, which flow into my work are: trust, openness, humor, reliability and structure.

Coaching bei Burnout

Quality assurance

I myself regularly go into supervision settings with experienced colleagues in order to professionally discuss my consulting processes – no matter whether they involve executives, individual employees, teams or couples – and thus to be able to offer my clients well-reflected support. Supervision takes place anonymously in order to protect the identity of clients and patients. Together with colleagues, we reflect on our processes and exchange ideas. Again, the agreement of confidentiality applies and what is said remains in the room.

Customer testimonials

“Thanks to her biographical and academic skills, Ms. Kostadinowa was particularly successful in the “Intercultural Competence” seminar. Her perfect multilingualism is an invaluable help. Added to this is her ability to motivate with a great deal of creativity and to bring group members with sometimes very different requirements together into a productive group of learners through her lively and powerful personality.”

“Thanks to her bicultural background and her first-hand experience with the peculiarities of the cultures in the English-speaking world, Swetlana helped us develop our understanding for other cultures. What was extremely useful to us as trainers and interpreters was to realize that being aware of intercultural differences can help you communicate successfully, act as a bridge not only between languages but also between cultures and get a better understanding of your own culture.”

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