Executive coaching in Berlin – in person & online

  • As a manager, do you face new challenges every day?
  • Do you often have to make quick decisions and assert your position?
  • Do you often find yourself alone and without feedback from employees and colleagues?

In addition to many exciting challenges, interesting encounters and advantages, it is not always easy to be a manager. And it also takes time to become a leader . With the help of a sparring partner at your side, you can reach your goal much faster in some phases. Executive coaching is tailored to you and you determine the topics!

“You can’t teach a person anything, you can only help him to discover and develop it within himself.”

Galileo Galilei

Here are some topic examples:

  • Leadership : How do I actually want to lead myself and others?
  • Motivation : How do I motivate myself and my team?
  • Cohesion : How do I create a strong team?
  • Conflict management : How can I resolve conflicts early on?
  • Change processes : How can I master change processes well?
  • Career jumps : How do I lead my now former colleagues or even superiors?
  • Conducting interviews : How can I prepare for employee appraisals and team meetings?
  • Appearance : How can I appear confident (body language and voice)?
  • Value Conflicts : How do I balance my needs with the expectations of others?
  • Reboarding : How do I get back on board safely?
  • Reorientation : How do I find my right path?
  • Self -employment : How do I set off for completely new shores?

The iceberg model is used in executive coaching

Swetlana Kostadinowa-RohdeFeel free to write or call me to make an appointment without obligation.
I look forward to meeting you in person!

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In our cooperation, you draw on my methodological knowledge and my experience as a systemic, solution-oriented coach: in discussions at eye level, through systemic constellations, exercises, role plays and with feedback that supports you in a goal-oriented manner

Executive coaching

  • expand your scope of action
  • to promote employee retention
  • reduce sick leave
  • appear more confident and relaxed
  • to recognize intercultural differences more quickly
  • resolve conflicts in a solution-oriented manner
  • to work even better with colleagues, employees, customers or patients.

Coaching offers you space for growth and development in a confidential setting.
It means: time just for you!

I look forward to supporting you! Either with me in Berlin-Zehlendorf or online!

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Customer testimonials coaching

“Ms. Kostadinowa is a good observer who gave me detailed feedback on body language, gestures, voice and rhetoric. Working with her has strengthened my self-confidence and increased my awareness of my creative and influencing possibilities, such as the possibility of influencing the atmosphere through my appearance or having more influence on the course of conversations.”

“Working with Ms. Kostadinowa was an extremely positive experience. It leads to the recognition of strengths and weaknesses in a structured way and shows opportunities to work on them positively. She is also always open to spontaneous objections and incorporates these sensibly into the development of possible solutions. I have now successfully integrated many approaches into my everyday life and work.”

“Before I started my coaching sessions with Swetlana I was very dismissive of coaching as a soft tool used by management to place their staff by just going through the motions and not actually implementing development or change. But all of these preconceived beliefs have changed now. Svetlana has a wide range of experience and skills that allow her to move the person being coached through a process of finding a resolution to a problem without feeling it as though she is leading the process.”

Online- & Telefoncoaching