Health Coaching

  • Are you not enjoying your work as much?
  • Do you sleep poorly, are pessimistic or irritable?
  • Hardly any time left for friends, sports and hobbies?
  • Has sick leave increased in your team?

“What you think today,
you will become tomorrow.”

Dalai Lama

Too much work, not enough space for the beautiful things in life – that can throw us off balance. Fortunately, our body is smart. It gives us signals about how much sleep, exercise and breaks we need. If we listen carefully, we can actively help shape our health.

Common topics in health coaching:

  • Time and stress management: How do I stay efficient and calm at the same time?
  • Burnout: How can I protect myself against burnout in stressful times?
  • Work-life balance: How can I set myself apart?
  • Resilience: How and where can I do something for my inner strength?
  • Movement: How much sport do I need to compensate and how can I do it alongside work?

In coaching, we work on your very personal goals, which are of course closely linked to your working environment. For example, we look at how you can calm down more internally and get moving again physically. In this way you can prevent burnout and strengthen your resilience and ultimately also take the lead better.

Health coaching - measures for a good life balance

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health coaching

In discussions and with exercises we find out what motivates you and where your strengths lie. What you need to differentiate yourself in a healthy way and to take good care of yourself. You get feedback that sharpens your self-awareness and helps you to make good decisions for yourself.

In health coaching you consciously invest in your health – in your life

I am happy to support you! Either at my office room in Berlin-Zehlendorf or online.

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Client testimonials: Health coaching

„My boss sent me to Ms Kostadinova for coaching because I had issues of an intercultural nature with my team. I was the only English person and all the staff were German. Ms Kostadinova supported me wonderfully through many helpful inputs thanks to her great intercultural knowledge to be able to lead more and to understand the intercultural differences better. Furthermore, she managed to support me in leaving work at work. My back pain decreased, I could sleep better and even my family noticed that I am now more relaxed and present at home. A profitable coaching for me. Thank you.“

„Being a teacher is a beautiful profession, but not always easy. It was a great challenge for me to assert myself against young pupils in our society. At times it was so exhausting that I suffered more and more from headaches and sometimes even from tinitus. More and more often I doubted whether I had chosen the right job and was increasingly stressed and exhausted by these circling thoughts. Thanks to the cooperation with Ms Kostadinova, I was able to break through old patterns and beliefs, so that I now stand in front of my class with a clear and self-confident appearance. I have found peace within myself again and am much more relaxed. I really enjoy my work again and my head is free.“

„Actually, I have always enjoyed my job. But the bigger my practice became and the more staff and colleagues I had, the more complex the topic of leadership and self-care became. The latter clearly fell by the wayside, so I realised for myself that I needed coaching to get back into a good work-life balance. I worked a lot with Ms Kostadinova on the topic of my own values, feedback culture and leadership in general. And of course also on the topic of my own leadership and mindfulness. What do I need to take good care of myself in order to be able to remain in my power for the team and the patients. Very helpful discussions and interventions. I would recommend it to others and would use it again if I were to lose my way again.“

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